Source: YouTube

Had a story this morning on The Morning Show That Rocks about a survey someone put on Reddit.

The question was, what animal do you think you can beat in a bare handed fight.
Most people said that they could beat a Rat, Cat and Medium sized Dog.
Also about half of those surveyed thought they could beat a Goose while only about 15% of those asked thought they could beat an Eagle, Kangaroo, or King Cobra.
Very few…. but still about 5% thought they could beat a Wolf, Crocodile, Gorilla, Lion, or Elephant in a fist fight. (REALLY???)
The animal that most people agreed they could not beat is a Grizzly Bear.

ANYWAY….it reminded me of a video I discovered many years ago that had me laughing out loud!! Check out this video of “KILLER WILLARD, THE BOXING KANGAROO” and his managers/handlers!