How Cool is this?  If you live in Arizona you can now order your ALICE COOPER Specialty License Plates!

Alice Cooper is being honored by the state of Arizona where he lives, as they are now issuing specialty license plates with his picture on it.   Alice Cooper thinks it’s pretty cool too, saying:  “Arizona is known for great sunsets, cactus, the best Mexican food, monsoons and, now, an Alice Cooper specialty license plate. We hope that many of my fellow Arizona neighbors will get this specialty plate for their cars and motorcycles to support teens in Arizona.”  The Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock specialty plate supports his Teen Centers in Phoenix and Mesa. The designated $17 goes to provide a safe space for all teens ages 12-20 to spend time, receive positive mentorship and free music, art, dance, photography and recording studio lessons and opportunities.

Who wants to start the 92.9 THE EAGLE MORNING SHOW THAT ROCKS specialty license plate campaign????  Wouldn’t you want a Nebraska License Plate with Scott Kaye & Joe Skare mugs on it??? Who wouldn’t???  Start that write-in campaign now folks!