Watch trailer for Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary “If I Leave Here Tomorrow”

Poster or Lynyrd Skynrd doc. If I Leave Here Tomorrow.

The definitive and authorized Lynyrd Skynyrd documentary If I Leave Here Tomorrow — which was shown earlier this year at South By Southwest — will premiere on Showtime on August 18th. As we previously reported, sole surviving co-founder Gary Rossington told Yahoo Entertainment why director Stephen Kijak’s doc works where so many others failed, explaining, “All the other documentaries were negative, and they really didn’t show how when we started, we were brothers. We’d die for each other. We grew up together, y’know? We were so happy, and it was a family. (The film) shows us, me and Ronnie (Van Zant) looking right at each other, and it was like, all my friends are dead and gone. I just went, ‘Oh, my God.’ It’s just real sentimental to me. I see all the memories and they’re alive; they’re like jumping beans in my brain.”

Here is the trailer.



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