Here it is, the first track released from Springsteen’s upcoming soul covers set “Only The Strong Survive.” ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ was a Frank Wilson sung tune first pressed in 1965 on the Motown subsidiary label Soul. It is Wilson’s only Motown single and is a prized item among collectors. Well, Bruce must like it lot too, because he’s done a bang up job on it.  According the history on the original song, Approximately 250 demo 45s of the song were pressed in 1965 and scheduled for release on 23 December 1965. Owing to a combination of Wilson deciding that he would rather focus on producing and Motown’s Berry Gordy’s lukewarm reception of the vocals and wish to prevent his producers from having a successful recording career, the demos were destroyed. At least two, and maybe as many as five copies are said to survive, one of which fetched £25,742 in May 2009. One is rumoured to be owned by Berry Gordy. Due to its scarcity it remains one of the most collectable discs especially by followers of Northern soul.