The Band’s “Music From Big Pink” gets remixed and expanded for 50th Anniversary edition-

Album is copyright 1968 by Capitol Records.

An album I’ve always like and songs that I heard as a kid I knew where special. In July of 1968, The Band released their album, Music from Big Pink, drawing critical acclaim and launching the group into fame, with a mix of blues-country-folk-rock-soul that helped shape popular music in that era. That landmark debut collection has been remixed and expanded by Capitol/Ume, and will be released for fans to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of that album on Aug. 31, 2018.

In his San Francisco Chronicle review of Big Pink, Ralph J. Gleason wrote, “The voices are unique and make a sound not available anywhere else in popular music that I know of. It is a rural sound, not on the Country & Western stations, yet not rural in the sense of lack of sophistication; I think it is hymnal… The songs are going to be American classics and it will not matter if there is no second album nor if The Band ever appears in person again.”

In his 1993 memoir, titled This Wheel’s On Fire, bandmember Levon Helm wrote, “We wanted Music from Big Pink to sound like nothing anyone else was doing. This was our music, honed in isolation from the radio and contemporary trends.”

This new release will come with a Super Deluxe CD/Blu-Ray/2LP/7-inch vinyl box set with a hardbound book.

And here’s a trailer for the new set

The full tracklisting for The Band’s Music from Big Pink (50th Anniversary Edition):

CD; Digital
2018 stereo mix (included in the box set and available individually)
1. Tears Of Rage
2. To Kingdom Come
3. In A Station
4. Caledonia Mission
5. The Weight
6. We Can Talk
7. Long Black Veil
8. Chest Fever
9. Lonesome Suzie
10. This Wheel’s On Fire
11. I Shall Be Released
Bonus Tracks:
12. Yazoo Street Scandal (Outtake)
13. Tears Of Rage (Alternate Take)
14. Long Distance Operator (Outtake)
15. Lonesome Suzie (Alternate Take)
16. Key To The Highway (Outtake)
17. I Shall Be Released (A Cappella)

Tracklist above in new 5.1 surround mix + 96kHz/24bit high resolution stereo (exclusive to the box set)

180g black vinyl (included in the box set and available individually); ltd. edition 180g pink vinyl (available individually)
1. Tears Of Rage
2. To Kingdom Come

1. In A Station
2. Caledonia Mission
3. The Weight

1. We Can Talk
2. Long Black Veil
3. Chest Fever

1. Lonesome Suzie
2. This Wheel’s On Fire
3. I Shall Be Released



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