Signs You’re At a Bad Zoo

What? A Fake Turtle? What kind of Zoo is this??

I am hosting AM/FM band and local brewers at Brews At The Zoo on Saturday 8/11. Our Lincoln Children’s Zoo is an AWESOME Zoo! However, here are signs you’re at a bad zoo.

Few, if any, animals

The sign says “Dog Park”

You’re pretty sure that’s a dude in a lion costume

An orangutan just gave you the finger

The paint on the “zebra” is smeared

Employees hurry you through, saying “move along, nothing to see here”

The apes are throwing their poop, and the staffers are returning fire

The whole thing looks suspiciously like the exercise yard at the local penitentiary

There’s an area called “heavy petting zoo”

That’s not a REAL unicorn!

Most of the cages are empty with a handwritten sign reading, “Extinct”

Upon entering, you’re handed a blowgun “just in case”


Find out more about our Lincoln Children’s Zoo HERE!




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