One of the things I got for Christmas this year is the GEDDY LEE Memoir, “MY EFFIN’ LIFE”  and over this past weekend I finished reading it!  GREAT book and a real nice trip through the history of the band RUSH from early beginnings to the very end.  I thought it was very well written and easy to read….it felt like Geddy was right there telling me the stories, and you really get a feel for what the guys were going through….in the studio….on stage….on the road….and off stage with their personal lives.
I have always been interested in history and that includes the back stories of bands, artists, and celebrities  and how they got where they are and what it was like.  There’s some great insight into the songs and albums, and the inspirations for them, plus how they were put together in different recording studios…and it was cool to follow RUSH from the very humble beginnings to the super stars that they became. Pretty cool book that I think you will like!