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The 1969 self-titled pre-Eagles album by Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther’s duo, Longbranch/Pennywhistle, will be officially reissued for the first time as a standalone CD and on 180-gram black vinyl. The album, which was included earlier this year on the acclaimed Glenn Frey box set Above The Clouds: The Collection, was originally produced by Tom Thacker and featured such iconic musicians as famed guitarists James Burton and Ry Cooder, pedal-steel maestro Buddy Emmons, “Wrecking Crew” pianist Larry Knechtel, Derek & The Dominos drummer Jim Gordon, bassist Joe Osborn, and fiddle player Doug Kershaw.

J.D. Souther said in the statement announcing the album’s re-release, “Glenn Frey was my roommate, best friend, and first songwriting partner in Los Angeles. We knew we were onto something original, as are most young musicians, including our soon-to-be friends and collaborators Jackson Browne and Don Henley; but quite honestly, we were just trying to do our best work in a very competitive environment. If in doing that we evolved a new architecture of some sort, fine, but remember we were all listening carefully to each other and to the giants before and among us. We listened to Miles (Davis), Hank Williams, Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, (John) Coletrane, Bach, Cole Porter, Tim Hardin, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and Carole King to name a few. We always said that if you want to make great music you should listen to great music. This album was our freshman project.”

Although J.D. Souther had a hand in creating such Eagles classics as “Best Of My Love,” “Victim Of Love,” “Heartache Tonight,” and “New Kid in Town” — he revealed that he actually was in the band very briefly prior to their first album. He says, “I was in the band for a day, actually. David Geffen convinced me and (laughs) probably with more difficulty, convinced Glenn (Frey) and Don (Henley) to try having me in the band. He thought: ‘Two songwriters, good — three songwriters, better!’ We rehearsed and we did one show, one afternoon at the Troubadour for David Geffen and Elliot Roberts and our team. And I just remember, I remember looking sort of down the line and seeing three of us with acoustic guitars and just thinking, ‘This is triple redundancy, here.’ So, I bowed out of it and I think they were more relieved than I was, I think.”

In addition to his Eagles co-writes, J.D. Souther is best known for his solo hits “You’re Only Lonely,” and “Her Town Too” with James Taylor — as well as several standout tracks on various Linda Ronstadt albums. In 2007, the Eagles covered Souther’s 1972 track “How Long” as the lead single from their last album Long Road Out Of Eden.

J.D. Souther says that he, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey poured over every note and lyric while writing those classic ’70s hits. “The polish was the three of us, was Henley-Frey-Souther worrying where every comma is and what sings right. And sometimes I’d be overruled ’cause what I’d think of was too off-the-wall or they wouldn’t think it sang great. Y’know, they were both conscious of — I think Don and Glenn both had a great sense of what they could sing really well. Just the way they had a great sense of what that band could do really well. It’s no accident that that band’s as successful as it is. They knew what that band could do, and I think they knew from day one.”

SOURCE: Press release

Here’s the Longbranch/Pennywhistle track list:

“Jubilee Anne”
“Run Boy, Run”
“Lucky Love”
“Kite Woman”
“Bring Back Funky Women”
“Star-Spangled Bus”
“Mister, Mister”
“Don’t Talk Now”
“Never Have Enough”

And here’s a track you can listen to right now. Run Boy, Run and features Glenn Frey on the lead vocal.

J.D. Souther tour dates (subject to change):
August 18 – Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre
August 19 – Prescott, AZ – Elks Opera House
August 20, 21 – Phoenix, AZ -Music Instrument Theater
October 11 – Santa Barbara, CA – Lobero Theater
October 12 – San Juan Capistrano, CA – Coach House
October 13 – Las Vegas, NV – Smith Center – Cabaret Room
October 14 – Malibu, CA – Pepperdine University Center for the Arts
October 16 – Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s
October 17 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Fremont Theater
October 18 – Saratoga, CA – Montalvo Arts Center
October 20 – Sacramento, CA – Sofia Center
November 1 – Annapolis, MD – Rams Head
November 2 – Glen Allen, VA – Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen
November 3 – Norfolk, VA – Attucks Theatre
November 4, 5 – Washington, DC – City Winery



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