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Original member of Journey, bassist Ross Valory is set to release his debut solo project. The first single, “Tomland” features Miles Schon on guitar. Miles is the son on Neal Schon of Journey. And after hearing this song that dates back to 2014 shows Miles is as good as dad! Valory wrote the all-instrumental track and recorded it in his studio in Northern California. His solo album, All Of The Above, will be out sometime in April.

According to an article from Blabbermouth: Valory left Journey in 2020 and the bandmembers worked out their issues in a peaceful mediated settlement. Valory, who spent most of his life as a member of Journey, has no regrets. He counts his blessings at having spent an amazing career with a remarkable group of musicians who succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

You don’t get many rock instrumentals being released much anymore and I really like this song.

Scott Kaye