Like To Play Golf?

Well if you’re one of those like me who love to get out on the golf course here’s some sobering information that just came out this week. An Australian study found that over 25% of golfers have had skin cancer. The researchers found that golfers have a 250% higher risk of developing skin cancer compared to non golfers.
The study looked at health information gathered from 335 players and 16,000 members of the general public. They concluded that repeated exposure and a lack of sunscreen use are likely culprits.

Sooooooo…..MAKE SURE you have sunscreen in your golf bag and probably a good idea to have a hat and sunglasses for further protection.  I suspect if they tested people who worked exclusively outside, like construction workers, or people who spend more time at the beach/pool than the average person…they would have similar findings.

On that happy note…..FORE!  I got a tee time to keep.  See ya on the links!