Least Popular Back-to-School Supplies on the Scott Kaye blog.


There are lots of stuff kids need to get back to school. I really kind of liked school. Not the studying part so much but the friends and the fun stuff I would actually learn in school. Now the Least Popular Back-to-School Supplies.

Slide rules, whatever those are

Easy-tear “wedgie proof” underwear

Heavily discounted Solo lunchbox

“Hopelessly Uncool” brand clothes and accessories

Elmer’s Glue Snack-Pack

“Kick Me” emblazoned backpacks

Lil’ Hipster avocado toast Lunchables

OCD Ultra-Organizer and Minute-to-Minute Planner

Anything your mom thinks is “cute”

“Chick-Magnet” brand pocket protectors

Play-Doh Four Flavor Assortment

One-ring binders




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