I Was GOING To Root For Tennessee Tech…

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…until they lost their Super Regional to Texas. I can’t root for Texas. I’m not going to root for Texas Tech. Mississippi State? North Carolina? Washington? Oregon State? No, no, no and no. Dave Van Horn got a good thing started at Nebraska, but until he comes back I’m not rooting for him and Arkansas. Do I look like a bandwagon hopper that wants to see Florida win back-to-back titles? No. Especially when you consider how they got in– a walk off HR, off the Auburn right fielder’s glove, and OVER the fence. Click here to see what I am talking about. However, in that SAME GAME, Florida did execute this nifty steal of home plate, which you have to admire. Did you know the career record for home place steals is 50, by Ty Cobb? This is why he was hated by so many of his peers. What a show off. So, we get 3 SEC teams, 2 Big 12 teams, an ACC team and 2 from the Pac-Whatever. When was the last time Washington was here? Never? Oh, alright. OK, I guess I can root for them. I would rather be rooting for Tennessee Tech. Games start Saturday. There is a free Fan Fest event on Friday at TD Ameritrade Park.



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