C’mon Man!  THAT Is Just W-R-O-N-G!!!
Dog Jack Russell terrier in a full-length peeks curiously at the camera. Shooting from the bottom point. White background

OK…we ALL love our pets. BUT….this story is just downright CREEPY and WRONG in my mind.  It’s the story of a family who lost their family dog and wanted to have some sort of keepsake to remember him by.  That’s reasonable, right? We often feel our pets are like our kids….big part of the family, etc., so wanting to have something to remember “Fido” or whatever your pet’s name is makes sense.

My family has lost two dogs over the years and we have many photos of both for us to remember them. When we lost our latest dog recently, the vet had an option for us to have a “paw print” in clay, which we did….like a little round knick-knack to put your change or keys in…our just to be there to remind you of your pet…even if you don’t put anything in it.  Not a bad idea.

BUT….wait to you see what one family did to their poor departed doggy….I won’t spoil it….just read about it by clicking here