Checked something off our Bucket List on my recent vacation!

Was AWESOME!  We recently visited and I have to say it was well worth the drive!  Really cool and so much to see. What really surprised me were two things….First of all…it’s FREE! Doesn’t cost you a thing (except $10 parking) to go into Niagara Falls State Park. Second…I was surprised how CLOSE you can get to the river and the Falls.  I was literally about 6 feet from the edge of the falls and got some great photos and video.  I was trying to load up some video, but had issues….I will keep trying.

If you have ever thought about going, I recommend it! It’s pretty cool. I also recommend you spend $25 bucks to ride THE MAID OF THE MIST boat out to the edge of the falls.  You get a poncho and they drive right up to the edge of the water falls on both the US and Canadian sides… one point it was like being in a driving rain storm!  Phone got all foggy….could barely see with my own eyes, cuz there’s so much water hitting you. BUT…what an absolute BLAST!
There are lots of paved paths to walk to check out the park and be sure to see THE CAVE OF THE WINDS….it’s part of the whole site and that is where in the mid 1890’s, Nikola Tesla, a brilliant electrical engineer, developed a system of alternating current (AC) which enabled power from Niagara Falls to be transmitted great distances. The system was put into use on November 15,1896 when electric power was transmitted from Niagara Falls to Buffalo.  Cool historical site to check out!

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