Are You A Bob Dylan Fan? New Book Coming Out

If you’re a fan of BOB DYLAN look for a new book about his time in his (and my) home state, Minnesota! The book is titled “BOB DYLAN IN MINNESOTA : TROUBADOUR, TALES FROM DULUTH, HIBBING, AND DINKYTOWN” and is coming out next month.  I’m not a huge Bob Dylan fan, but there are a few of his songs I like a lot…like: Like A Rolling Stone, Lay Lady Lay, Tangled Up In Blue, Hurricane, to name a few. Having been born in Duluth, Minnesota and growing up in the Twin Cities, I am interested in reading this one.

The book is filled with stories of Bob growing up in the Gopher State.  It also serves as a guidebook, pointing out key locations like Dylan’s high school, early venues, and the crossroads where he was nearly hit by a train.   BOB DYLAN IN MINNESOTA is the final book in a trilogy that also covers the artist’s time in London and New York.  It will be out June 1st.