Eagle Newsletter

Have you grabbed a spot in the grand prize drawing for the Big 12 Drive Away, yet?
You'll have another chance Friday.  In order to sign up at www.ktgl.com you will need
to know the "Artist Of The Day", which we'll tell you about during the 7am, 1pm, and
5pm hours.  One name will be picked at random to go into the grand prize drawing
where someone wins the right to pick one of 12 cars from Sid Dillon.  You'll have
another chance with the "Artist Of The Weekend".  It's pretty much the same deal.
All the details on how to sign up and the list of 12 cars are on The Eagle web site.

Saturday you're invited to join us for another "Rock The Dock" Husker pre-game party
in front of Brewsky's, Buzzard Billy's & The Starlight Lounge, in the Haymarket at 8th
& P. Stop by for lunch, a few drinks and a chance to win prizes from Budweiser, and
the Nebraska Lottery. There's never a cover charge and everyone is invited to join us.

Votes have been counted for this year's Best Of Lincoln. Click below for the results.