Scott's New York City Pictures

Here are some pics from NYC!

After her starring role in "God Of Carnage" on Broadway co-starring Jeff
Daniels I got to meet the lovely and talented, (and very nice in person) Lucy Lui!

On our trip to D.C. "Greetings From Lincoln!"

Scott & Hope at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Scott and Hope at the White House. (much smaller than it looks on TV)

Scott and our lovely tour guide for our trip to D.C.

At Madam Tussaud's in D.C.

Making some calls in the "Oval Oraface"

Hanging with Bob Dylan

First sign of trouble in NYC...I of Scottish heritage, stumbled into St.
Andrew's Scottish Bar. 'nuff said...took most of the next day to recover.

Here is the actual Waterford Crystal LED lighted ball they
drop every New Year's Eve in Times Sqaure.

Having a blast in Times Square.

Atop the bus that takes you on tours of NYC. Great way to see
all of it in a few hours. Take the night cruise, it's breathtaking!

Another Broadway musical. Next To Normal is highly recommended!

New York thin crust is world famous and we ate the best in NYC. John's Pizza, NO Slices!

You can guess where I was the famed Radio City.

Central Park the nations largest "all landscaped" park.

Riding the NYC subway. Hey, not that bad, and at $2.25 a
ride you can get across town pretty cheaply.

Visited Ground Zero. Opened in 1766, St. Paul's Chapel is Manhattan's oldest public building in continuous use - a place where George Washington worshiped and 9/11 recovery workers received round-the-clock care. Part of the Episcopal Parish of Trinity Church, St. Paul's is a center for worship and the arts, a community of reconciliation, and a place of pilgrimage for all people.

At Ground Zero. Sad that after 10 years, they've just barely have rebuilt to street level.

Back to fun, hanging out at Dave's house. Hello Deli just around
the corner...both closed. "the City that never sleeps...riiiight.

Tons of great restuarants in Manhatten. This one called Dr. Heckyll and
Mr. Hydes...too bad Mr. Hyde did the cooking the night we went.

Get snuggy with the Crypt Keepers Teacher.

Just down from Dylan's club The Bitter End in Greenwich
Village, there was a 'classic rock" bar.

Grand Central Station

Hope and Scott toasting another night on the town! (Vodka Gimlet if you're wondering)

Back to Central Park and this is the fountain the Friends dance in front of in the TV show "Friends". The two towers in the backgroud to the right was the building used in "Ghostbusters". Remember the giant Stay-Puff monster?

At Yoko's tribute to John Lennon "Strawberry Fields" in Central Park.

Behind us is the Dakota where John and Yoko lived until his
death at this location. She still has an apartment there.

Just had to get this shot.

This is Rockerfeller Center Plaza. Where the Today show is shot many times.
A lot smaller in person than on TV...much like all of Manhatten.

You should go sometime, it's a blast!