Scott Kaye's Basement Tapes

 Join Scott Kaye for deep cuts, lost classics and the forgotten hits of classic
rock that the boss let's him bring in from home every weekday at 8:20am.

If you miss it on air, you can also listen to it right here:

Here is a list of the latest songs Scott's recently dusted off:


6/1/15- “Play The Game” Queen
6/2/15- “Off The Hook” Rolling Stones
6/3/15- “Happy Jack” The Who
6/4/15- “Love Is The Seventh Wave” Sting
6/5/15- “Heart Of The Country” Paul McCartney

6/8/15- “JoJo” Boz Scaggs
6/9/15- “Free Man In Paris” Joni Mitchell
6/10/15- “Queen Of Spades” Styx
6/11/15-“The Crunge” Led Zeppelin
6/12/15- “How Can I Refuse” Heart

6/15/15- “Badlands” (Live In NYC) Bruce Springsteen
6/16/15- “Gone Hollywood” Supertramp
6/17/15- “Everything’s Coming Our Way” Santana
6/18/15- “Runaround” Van Halen
6/19/15- “White Lightning & Wine” (Live) Heart

6/22/15- “The Road To Utopia” Utopia
6/23/15- “Don’t Let Me Down” Bad Company
6/24/15- “The Heat Is On” Glenn Frey
6/25/15-  “Train Leaves Here This Morning” Eagles
6/26/15- “The Warrior” Scandal

6/29/15- “Coming Up (Live In Glasgow)” Paul McCartney
6/30/15- “Love Gun” Kiss
7/1/15- “Darlington County” Bruce Springsteen
7/2/15- “Clap For The Wolfman” Guess Who
7/3/15- “America” Simon & Garfunkel

7/6/15- “Roy Rogers” Elton John
7/7/15- “Back Off Boogaloo” Ringo Starr
7/8/15- “Loves Me Like A Rock” Paul Simon
7/9/15- “Home And Dry” Gerry Rafferty
7/10/15- “Love Shack” B-52’s
7/13/15- “Songbird” (live 1977) Fleetwood Mac
7/14/15- “Hello There” Cheap Trick
7/15/15- “Summer Song” Joe Satriani
7/16/15- “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” Joe Jackson