Scott Kaye's Basement Tapes

 Join Scott Kaye for deep cuts, lost classics and the forgotten hits of classic
rock that the boss let's him bring in from home every weekday at 8:20am.

If you miss it on air, you can also listen to it right here:

Here is a list of the latest songs Scott's recently dusted off:


1/4/16- “Don’t Step On The Grass Sam” Steppenwolf
1/5/16- “Watching The River Run” Loggins & Messina
1/6/16- “Why Get Up” Fabulous Thunderbirds
1/7/16- “Until The Night” Billy Joel
1/8/16- “I Can’t Stand Still” Don Henley
1/11/16- “Stray Cat Blues” Rolling Stones
1/12/16- “Sally G” Paul McCartney & Wings
1/13/16- “Bicycle Race” Queen
1/14/16- “Hold On” Ian Gomm
1/15/16- “Got My Mind Set On You” George Harrison
1/18/16- “Cold Turkey” John Lennon
1/19/16- “Atomic Punk” Van Halen
1/20/16- “Run Boy Run” Longbranch Pennywhistle
1/21/16- “Leave It” Yes
1/22/16- “Keep Runnin’” Journey
1/25/16- “Proud Mary” Ike & Tina Turner
1/26/15- “Black Magic Woman” Fleetwood Mac
1/27/16- “Slip Sliding Away” Paul Simon
1/28/16- “Love Is A Long Road” Tom Petty
1/29/16- “Short People” Randy Newman
2/1/16- “Steam” Peter Gabriel
2/2/16- “Casa Dega” Tom Petty
2/3/16- “Teacher I Need You” Elton John
2/4/16- “Elected” Alice Cooper
2/5/16- “Pressure” Billy Joel
2/8/16- “Don’t Look Now” Creedence Clearwater Revival
2/9/16- “Smackwater Jack” Carole King
2/10/16- “Turn That Heartbeat Over Again” Steely Dan
2/11/16- “My City Was Gone” Pretenders