Station History

The Eagle has been Lincoln's Rock Legend for almost 30 years. The Eagle has become legend by doing what Nebraskans do best - working hard and having passion for our work. But you don't get to be a legend just by playing music, and having fun. So this is the story of 92.9, The Eagle.

Before 92.9 became "The Eagle", we had a long history as KWBE-FM, located in Beatrice. As the sister station to KWBE-AM, KWBE-FM became a Country station in 1976. By 1983, the station had changed it's music format again, and it became a Top 40 station - and changed it's call letters to KMAZ. There had been quite a few changes in that first decade - and 92.9 was still searching for it's true identity.

In 1987, owner Bud Pentz sold KMAZ, and the changes began again. The new owners built a new tower site in Hallum, Nebraska (between Lincoln and Beatrice), and moved the studios to 33rd and Pioneers Blvd in Lincoln. And then, on a cool October morning in 1987, at 6AM, the strains of Steve Miller's "Fly Like An Eagle" launched the beginning of one of Lincoln's longest running stations KTGL, The Eagle - Lincoln's Classic Rock! In the early 90's, as our listenership grew, we did too, moving to new studios near 48th and Normal where we were joined by new sister stations KZKX, KIBZ and KKNB (later to become KLMY). The Eagle was Southeast Nebraska's dominant classic rock station throughout the 90's, with legendary events. We have also taken the station into the future with our own Eagle Radio App and online streaming

In 2007 KTGL and it's sister stations were acquired by Three Eagles Communications and moved to a new location at 3800 Cornhusker. On Friday, September 12th, 2014 TEC was aquired by Digity and just over a year later in early 2016 we became part Alpha Media USA. Live Local USA! We love it!

Throughout it all, The Eagle remained true to our origins and our heritage, as the little station from Beatrice to become The Rock Legend we are today.  Since 1987, The Eagle has consistently played the best Classic Rock. We also continue to play more than our fair share of tracks that don't always conform to the "rules" with the "Scott Kaye's Basement Tapes" weekday mornings at 8:20, The Ten@10 and "Nostalgic Rock" w/ Dave Landis program on Sunday mornings. Our A to Z and Z to A weeks have become almost as legendary as the station itself.

Thank you for listening - and for being a part of 92.9 The Eagle.