Scott Kaye

Hey gang, I  will celebrate my 30th year in radio this May! I was born in Des Moines, IA and raised in De Soto. I spent my childhood mostly outdoors. I saw a local radio station broadcasting live from the Iowa State Fair at the age of 8, and said "hey, that's cool-- that's what I want to do when grow up!" Although now 50, friends say I have yet to grow up. I live and work in Lincoln and I am heard on the MORNING SHOW THAT ROCKS (now in our 2nd year) M-F from 6am to 10am. I also keep busy  hosting another afternoon music based show on the Hawk in Columbus, NE. I am also the station "voice guy" for Madison, SD radio station KJAM and for Classic Hits.

Scott's Interview With Comedian Larry Miller

Scott's Basement Tapes

3 1/2 to 4 pounder maybe. Not the 8 pounder I was hunting for but crap, Lake Okeechobee, Fla is huge and one of the best bass fishing I've done ever.

Want a great day of fishing in Florida's Big O? Call Col. Dan Sober! Had a blast with him.

Oh how cute. Scott naps with his new buddy, the Prairieland Dairy Cow from rural Hallum, NE.  


Oh yea! Bones got a Bass!

This is a 100%, Bones alone catch with his new spin caster shown. One of many on that day, 
(Extra credit goes to him and all safe anglers: Bones recommends always  wearing your life jacket.)

Here it is the "Eagle Flight Deck" Control for KTGL 92.9 FM.

A shot of the studio from outside. Notice the stuffed Eagle's head we have proudly displayed. Bagged 7/12/09 near the Platte River.

Here is Dave Titterington from the Wild Bird Habitat Stores and our Turkey Vulture friend "Pepper" see him at the Pioneer's Park Nature Center.

Scott and his BFF, Tim in the Haymarket.
You must know the pose was not spontaneous.

One of our baby kitties, Meesha.

Eye Candy from the Eagle Raceway. Your Nebraska Cup Girls!

Here is a shot of me with John Kay and Steppenwolf.

Here's Hope and I over the bay in Trinidad, California. Small whaling town north of Arcata, CA in the Redwoods region of Northern California. Every day is cloudy, then sunny, then foggy, then more sunshine...this taken during the cloudy hour.

Here we are waiting for that Cable Guy to come parachuting into Memorial Stadium on July, 4th. Wonder if we will be featured on the Comedy Central special this January, during one of the "audience laughing shots"?

Wow, check it, just as my 25th Anniversary in radio rolls around an old ad from a former station I worked for rolls my way. Yes, I was an original KIOA Good Guy...before they where all taken out back to the transmitter and shot.

Sure, we go to Pioneer's Park! Love it, but we can't
stand not to have more fun than all the animals.

On our trip to Ocean Beach, California we met Michael. Michael fishes on the O.B. Pier every single day. It's funny how you can get to know someone's soul in such a short period of time.  Is he homeless or is he choosing to live the way he wants to live? The last time I thought I'd ever seem him again I asked and he told me why he's out there, "to keep his mind right".
We love him.

Scott takin' the ladies out for a nightcap at the Starlight Lounge in the Haymarket: 


Not the pike I was going for!



Here I am taking a breather at the 2003 Comstock Rock:

This is Hope and I at Comstock Rock '03 from the deck overlooking the concert:

In memory of my friend, and many, many others around town,

Dave "The Trashman" De Garmo 1951-2009