New Report Focuses on Kids to Prevent Crime

(7-24-14) There's a push to get more kids involved early in education as a way to steer them away from committing crimes later in life.   

Lincoln's Public Safety Director Tom Casady is among dozens of law enforcement officials in Nebraska that are part of the Fight Crime: Invest In Kids organization, that authored a report. The report said that early childhood programs lessens abuse and neglect, better academic record in school and fewer drop outs. 

Casady said people sometimes tend to forget that police officers can't always just arrest and incarcerate our way out of crime problems.

"We spend a tremendous amount of money on criminal investigations, arrests and incarcerations and I'm a big believer that making an investment on the front end can really help us maximize our resources here in this state," Casady said.

Omaha Senator Burke Harr supports the early education movement for kids, mentioning that Nebraska is facing the problem of prison overcrowding and lawsuits regarding that problem. 

Harr says he hopes he and fellow lawmakers can find long-term ways to lessen the population burden on the state's prison system.  

About 5,000 law enforcement leaders helped in authoring the report.