$11.5 Million Given to UNL, 8 Universities for Matter Research

(7-7-14) A major grant has been given to physics researchers at nine schools including the University of Nebraska.

The $11.5 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation will be used by the schools over the next five years to improve the world's largest atom smasher. The supercollider is located in Switzerland and has been used in the discovery of the highly publicized Higgs boson particle.

The University of Nebraska will lead the project and UNL physicist Aaron Dominguez will lead the group.

He said UNL will be responsible to building half of a fast digital camera as a part of improving the supercollider. Perdu will build the other half of the camera. Dominguez said the team will be looking for "dark matter," which is invisible, and is also open to the possibility of other Higgs bosons existing, which would mean that our universe has other symmetries that we are not aware of.

He said UNL has been and is on the forefront of this type of research.