Raybould To Be Hassebrook's Running Mate In Governor's Race

LINCOLN -- Democrat Chuck Hassebrook has chosen Lancaster County Commissioner and Lincoln business executive Jane Raybould to be his running mate in the race for Governor.  Raybould, who's a Democrat and Vice-President of her family's grocery store business B&R Stores, says she will serve out her current term as a member of the county board, but will withdraw as a candidate for re-election.  She says there are major differences between the Ricketts and Hassebrook policies.  One of them is on drivers licenses for the children of illegal immigrants, where Raybould says she and Hassebrook are in favor of granting rights such as drivers licenses and in-state college tuition to the american-born children of illegal immigrants. Raybould says she agrees with Hassebrook on maintaining the current level of abortion rights, supporting an expansion of medicaid and an increase in the minimum wage.