LPD Officer, Canine Catch Juveniles Mid-Theft

(5-28-14) Lincoln Police arrested three juveniles for offenses relating to theft and burglary early Wednesday morning. Around 2:30 a.m., a resident in the 1700 block of Jefferson called police on a suspicious vehicle that had been sitting, occupied for 20 minutes. When police arrived, the truck was empty. A perimeter was set up and Officer Pulec and canine Mikey searched the area. The officer stopped three young men running near 27th and Cable. While speaking to the boys, Mikey found items like golf clubs and a bicycle in the area that appeared to be stolen and discarded. Then the dog tracked straight to the boys the officer was speaking to. One of the three boys was taken to a juvenile detention center and the other two were taken home. They are ages 16 and 15. Items were stolen from unlocked vehicles, open garages and one shed. Seven owners of stolen items were contacted by police. Officer Katie Flood says LPD has some items that have not found their owners and tells people in the area to call LPD if they have an item that was stolen over night.

Pictured is Officer Matt Pulec and Mikey of the Lincoln Police Department. Officer Pulec is Mikey's handler. They work, train and live together.