Lincoln Apartment Manager Jailed for Felony Theft

(5-23-14) A 38-year-old Lincoln woman is in jail for felony theft after turning herself in to the Lancaster County Jail Thursday. Katie Dewald was the property manager of Stoney Ridge Apartments at 70th and Adams streets from December 2012 to September 2013--when the owner noticed the income from the apartments was lower than it should have been. Dewald was responsible for depositing rent money, fees, deposits and laundry money from the complex. In September, the owner found a deposit slip written by Dewald for $3,573, but the money hadn't really been deposited. Dewald's employment ended that same month. An internal audit proved $11,852 in theft but Officer Katie Flood said the owner thinks $40,000 could have been lost. Officer Flood said Dewald was also cited for theft of $280 from the Sears Optical store, where she worked in 2012.