Over $23,000, Cocaine Remnants Found in I-80 Stop

(4-25-14) A large amount of cash and a small amount of cocaine was found in a vehicle during a traffic stop yesterday morning. The driver, 28-year-old Joseph Hacker of Springfield, Illinois was stopped for driving too close on I-80 near mile marker 395. When Hacker exited onto Hwy77 in a rented 2014 Kia, the Lancaster Sheriff's Department pulled him over. The sheriff searched the vehicle and found $23,312 in the trunk. The money was bundled inside a suitcase that belonged to the passenger, Justin Mack, age 33, also of Springfield. The sheriff also found remnants of cocaine inside of a Barbasol shaving cream can. Hacker was jailed for aiding and abetting a Class 4 felony and Mack was jailed for possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of money in violation of 28416, a law that deals with possession and delivery of narcotics.