Lincoln Family's Dog Still Missing, Following Mix Up

LINCOLN -- Occasionally, you'll hear us talk about lost or found dogs, but this case is a little unusual.   A Lincoln woman had taken her dog to a groomer in town, but because of the snow storm, her husband picked up the dog early.  When he got home, they realized they had the wrong dog, saying the dog had a tattoo on it which may be a sign the dog had come from a puppy mill.  They called the groomer, who confirmed she had given them the wrong dog and the other went home to a family near Waverly.  Chass McAtee, who lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, tells KFOR News she's been on the phone with her parents in Lincoln to help get the word out.  After both families were contacted, the people from Waverly called and said that Lucy had gone missing.  Lucy is a is a white Lhasa Apso that had been trimmed, with no microchip and is spayed. The dog was last seen in the area of 148th and Fletcher around 7:30pm Tuesday.  If you have any information on the dog's whereabouts, call Gloria Montgomery at 402-464-7235.  



Lucy (Courtesy of Lost Pets of Lancaster County Facebook page)