Least Popular Summer Reads

Scott & Camby Kaye in pages.

Least Popular Summer Reads

 The Collected Apologies of Roseanne Barr

Where’s Naked Waldo?

Updated Verizon Privacy Notice

My Life in Emails by a Real Nigerian Prince

Harry Potter and the Burrito of Fire

 Anthony Scaramucci: My 12 Minutes in the Trump White House

 Instructions for Gas Grill, en Espanol

 Solo: A Star Wars Movie Novelization

 IKEA Wall Unit Assembly Manual

 The Beachgoers Guide to Identifying Medical Waste

 Bill Cosby’s How to Win Friends and Influence People

 Tuesdays with Maury Povich



Joni Mitchell’s legendary 1970 “Isle Of Wight” appearance set for release. Watch the trailer on the Scott Kaye blog. Watch thunderous Led Zeppelin “Rock And Roll” Remastered from “The Song Remains The Same.” Now on The Scott Kaye Blog. “Ways to Make World Cup Soccer More Exciting” Tom Petty “An American Treasure” Official Box Set Information Yes, you should see Eagles without Glenn Frey. The Band’s “Music From Big Pink” gets remixed and expanded for 50th Anniversary edition-