Pinnacle Bank Arena

Journey & Def Leppard are coming back to Lincoln to play together at the Pinnacle Bank Arena on July 19th. The winners of our on line ticket giveaway are: Randy Bax, Nicholaus Beau, Lynette Burianek, Mark Burkey, Randy Deckard, Sunny Elias, Ruth Knight, Lyn Lehl, Jason Martins, Jason Nickolite, Rick Patocka, Rich Robinson and Laura White. Jason Nickolite and Lyn Lehl also win free parking across the street from the PBA in the Park & Go “red” parking garage.

Two of them also get free parking in the city’s Park & Go Red lot, right across the street from the arena.

Your last chance to win will be at the pre-show party in the Railyard right before the show. Sign up after 5pm. Winner gets picked at about 6:45. We’ll also be handing out free Nebraska Lottery scratch tickets to those 19 and over. Click here for more details on the show.





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