AC/DC Ticket Giveaway


Congratulations to David Hanau and Rich Munson.
They both do dirty jobs and have won tickets to see
AC/DC at the Qwest Center in Omaha January 15th.

Click here for video of Scott Kaye visiting
Rich at the waste water treatment plant

Click here for video of Scott visiting Dave at the power plant

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Here's the letter we received from David

My name is David Hanau from Cortland.  I am 45 years old and I work at the NPPD Sheldon power plant located in Hallam Nebraska.  I am a member of the Coal/Ash crew at the power plant.  We are responsible for unloading the coal and hauling away the ash.  This job is filthy dirty due to the coal and contaminants that result from the burning of the coal.  My team and I work to keep the equipment running inspite of the coal dust and ash particles that accummulate due to the process.  There are many days that I look like a coal miner fresh from the bottom of the coal  mines.  The Ash that we are responible for hauling away is a fine powder that sometimes requires hosing down prior to transport and is difficult to contain.  The sludge that is a result from this process is what has taken over the town in Tennessee due to a dike break down.  The ash actually can contain up to 7 toxic chemicals.  The maintanience work on the conveyer belts, machinery and vehicles requires getting into tight and dirty spots.  Where ever the coal or ash dust has gone has to be cleaned in order for the equipment to run efficiently. Yep, this is a very dirty job- but someboday has to do it.


Here's the letter we received from Rich's Daughter:

Things That Make You Go ‘Ewww…

’The Story of Rich Munson and His Filthy, Dirty Job


I write this on behalf o f my father, Rich. My whole life, he has had the foulest, most disgusting occupation I have ever heard of.  Through the years, I have heard of some icky  professions. My Father, Rich, has spent the last 31 years of his life working for the City of Lincoln Waste Water System.


Talk about job security! As long as people poop, my dad will be in business. Lovingly and secretly referred to as the “Turd Herder”, Rich has found himself in some awesome YUCK. His business brought him into some situations that make me dry heave as I type this.  Things like being face to face with hundreds of 3” cockroaches in the downtown storm sewers or rats the size of small dogs , to wading through several feet of raw sewage and eventually losing his balance and falling into said sewage, he has been there, done that.


When you have something gross you have to get rid of, like needles and sharps, chicken or beef particles you can’t even use for dog food, certain secretions from said animals, even flushing the toilet- my dad needs to check it out first. You can’t just haul that stuff to the landfill and drop it off. Thus, we have what my dad calls “Industrial Sampling”, which means that all this nasty crap that has to go somewhere needs to be analyzed to determine what needs to happen to it first –chemically speaking- before it can come to its final resting place to keep it from becoming a biohazard.  He is the guy for that sampling. He has been covered in chicken poop, up to his knees in blood in a slaughterhouse pit, and wading through more revolting items in open sewage lines than you could imagine.


Sensors track the amount of flow that is headed to the treatment plant at more than 40 different places in our city. They need to know how much poop is in the chute! Sometimes, the sensors get jammed with –ahem- various products one might flush down a toilet. Dad and the boys have to go out and manually repair these sensors- remove whatever might have flown into them that’s causing the jam. When I say ‘manually’, I mean with YOUR HANDS.


You can find some interesting stuff in sewage or storm sewer lines. He’s seen your basics- the long lost baseballs, in one instance, a bowling ball, clothing, and your standard mishmash of various trash. But on one fateful day, below our city in a sewer line with a few other guys from the crew, an object was seen floating towards them ahead of the line. A quick flick of the flashlight revealed a life-sized blow up doll, floating face up in all her raunchy glory, like a perverted life-preserver, on her way to a fate that was certainly the end of her latex charms. They let her keep on a-swimming, and thank God for such small favors.  She had been through enough.


Somehow, through all the poop and blood, tampons and cockroaches, he keeps pretty upbeat when most people would just vomit and pass out. One of my favorite ‘Dad-Adages’ is, “Hell, why be depressed? If my life goes down the toilet, I’ll just end up back at work.” He also adds that his pesky nail-biting habit IMMEDIATELY subsided after one day of delving into the ick that this city produces.  The only negative side effect of his job I can recall is his strange revulsion towards corn. Corn… wonder what that’s about? He swears the stuff should be illegal…


Now I have to quote Tom Petty- after all, if you have to steal, you should steal from the best. “My Old Man was Born To Rock / He’s Still Tryin’ To Beat The Clock” and I tell you what, after 31 years of disgusting work, two rotten daughters who left his floors covered in Barbie shoe Land Mines, up at 5 am, and caring for his whole family day after day after day, you’d have thought times would have worn on him, but they haven’t to a justified extent. He doesn’t get out much, but he would LOVE to see that AC DC show, and if he could have afforded it (remember, he works for the city.) he’d have tickets already. Would you please consider this letter and consider my dad? He has certainly earned it.


 As the waste water boys say, ‘Do ‘er in the Sewer!’